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Flask Of Venom Potion BGW Wikia FFXIAH

flask of venom potion
Flask of venom potion
This potion induces severe poisoning.
NPC Zone Count Chance
Tonberry Chopper Yhoator Jungle 202 out of 1085 18.6%
Tonberry Shadower Yhoator Jungle 327 out of 1584 20.6%
Tonberry Dismayer Temple Of Uggalepih 1702 out of 9583 17.8%
Tonberry Pursuer Temple Of Uggalepih 4034 out of 21221 19.0%
Tonberry Stabber Temple Of Uggalepih 2245 out of 11903 18.9%
Tonberry Beleaguerer Den Of Rancor 3080 out of 14645 21.0%
Tonberry Slasher Den Of Rancor 5400 out of 26142 20.7%
Tonberry Trailer Den Of Rancor 3904 out of 21125 18.5%
NPC Zone Count Chance
No Voidwatch chest data for this item.
flask of venom potion
Flask of venom potion
This potion induces severe poisoning.
vial of mercury
Vial of mercury
This liquid metal is silver in color.
pinch of venom dust
Pinch of venom dust
This dust is an ingredient
in venom potions.
water crystal
Water crystal
A crystal infused with water energy.
fire crystal
Fire crystal
A crystal infused with fire energy.
This mortar is used by the Alchemists'
Guild to grind medicines.
kitron macaron
Kitron macaron
This dainty, colorful sandwich cookie with a lightly sweetened kitron cream filling is a beloved dessert of artisans everywhere.
Increases rate of synthesis success by 7%
Increases synthesis skill gain rate by 7%
lightning crystal
Lightning crystal
A crystal infused with lightning energy.
pinch of paralysis dust
Pinch of paralysis dust
This dust is an ingredient
in paralysis potions.
wind crystal
Wind crystal
A crystal infused with wind energy.
three-eyed fish
Three-eyed fish
A rarely seen giant saltwater fish
with three eyes.
venom claws
Venom claws
(Hand-to-Hand)All Races
DMG:+12 Delay:+66
Additional effect: Poison
earth cluster
Earth cluster
A cluster of earth crystals.
pinch of sulfur
Pinch of sulfur
A sulfurous powder found in
volcanic regions.
chunk of flan meat
Chunk of flan meat
A foul-smelling, gelatinous chunk
of meat from a variety of flan.
rabbit hide
Rabbit hide
The small hide of a wild rabbit.
bone chip
Bone chip
A fragment of bone.
flask of distilled water
Flask of distilled water
This water has been purified
by a distillation process.
sheet of bast parchment
Sheet of bast parchment
This piece of parchment is made of
fiber taken from tree bark.
earth crystal
Earth crystal
A crystal infused with earth energy.