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Orichalcum Sheet BGW Wikia FFXIAH

orichalcum sheet
Orichalcum sheet
Orichalcum forged into a sheet.
NPC Zone Count Chance
Diabolos The Shrouded Maw 6 out of 1143 0.52%
Shadow Lord Throne Room 6 out of 3310 0.18%
Carbuncle Prime Full Moon Fountain 12 out of 491 2.4%
Fenrir Prime Full Moon Fountain 37 out of 782 4.7%
Garuda Prime Cloister Of Gales 155 out of 1980 7.8%
Ramuh Prime Cloister Of Storms 113 out of 1824 6.2%
Shiva Prime Cloister Of Frost 119 out of 2000 6.0%
Ifrit Prime Cloister Of Flames 80 out of 1573 5.1%
Titan Prime Cloister Of Tremors 83 out of 1558 5.3%
Leviathan Prime Cloister Of Tides 266 out of 2622 10.1%
Ultima Sealion's Den 124 out of 1519 8.2%
Promathia Empyreal Paradox 123 out of 3289 3.7%
NPC Zone Count Chance
No Voidwatch chest data for this item.
orichalcum sheet
Orichalcum sheet
Orichalcum forged into a sheet.
orichalcum ingot
Orichalcum ingot
An ingot of smelted orichalcum ore.
fire crystal
Fire crystal
A crystal infused with fire energy.
workshop anvil
Workshop anvil
This disposable anvil is used by the
Blacksmiths' and Goldsmiths' Guilds
in the production of metal sheets.
cursed breastplate
Cursed breastplate
Gold ornaments decorate this
darksteel breastplate. However,
due to a curse that has been
placed upon it, the breastplate
cannot be equipped.
lightning crystal
Lightning crystal
A crystal infused with lightning energy.