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Blood Demon BGW Wikia

Zone: Castle Zvahl Baileys

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 17293Yagudo freezer 869 out of 4202 20.7% 14.3% 20.0% 22.4% 24.9%
Item 1437Samurai's testimony 672 out of 4202 16.0% 10.6% 20.0% 15.8% 19.2%
Item 1048Zvahl coffer key 242 out of 4202 5.8% 4.3% 0.00% 4.8% 6.9%
Item 1653Demon pen 718 out of 4202 17.1% 12.1% 0.00% 18.4% 20.9%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.

Spawns (6 total)

Yagudo freezer
Yagudo freezer
(Throwing)All Races
DMG:24 Delay:294
Additional effect vs. Yagudo:
Ice damage
samurai's testimony
Samurai's testimony
This papyrus scroll reads:
"The bearer of this document has
proven excellence in the ways of
the samurai."
Zvahl coffer key
Zvahl coffer key
A key that opens a treasure coffer in
Castle Zvahl.
Demon pen
Demon pen
This magical pen is made from the
finger of a Demon. When placed on
a piece of parchment, it will
write one's diary for him.