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Lagoon Sahagin BGW Wikia

Zone: Sea Serpent Grotto

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 4741Scroll of Shellra IV 658 out of 18915 3.5% 3.7% 18.2% 4.1% 3.0%
Item 4638Scroll of Banish III 718 out of 18915 3.8% 1.1% 9.1% 2.1% 4.2%
Item 1428White mage's testimony 1065 out of 18915 5.6% 4.6% 9.1% 6.0% 5.6%
Item 4613Scroll of Cure V 382 out of 18915 2.0% 2.9% 0.00% 2.5% 1.9%
Item 4703Scroll of Esuna 689 out of 18915 3.6% 2.5% 0.00% 3.7% 3.5%
Item 4719Scroll of Regen III 503 out of 18915 2.7% 3.1% 9.1% 3.5% 2.4%
Item 4618Scroll of Curaga IV 413 out of 18915 2.2% 1.8% 0.00% 1.5% 2.4%
Item 887Coral fragment 374 out of 18915 2.0% 0.23% 0.00% 1.2% 2.3%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.

Spawns (10 total)

scroll of Shellra IV
Scroll of Shellra IV
WHM Lv.68
Teaches the white magic Shellra IV.
Enhances magic defense for party members within area of effect.
scroll of Banish III
Scroll of Banish III
WHM Lv.65
Teaches the white magic Banish III.
Deals light elemental damage to an enemy.
white mage's testimony
White mage's testimony
This papyrus scroll reads:
"The bearer of this document has
proven excellence in the ways of
the white mage."
scroll of Cure V
Scroll of Cure V
WHM Lv.61
Teaches the white magic Cure V.
Restores target's HP.
scroll of Esuna
Scroll of Esuna
WHM Lv.61
Teaches the white magic Esuna.
Removes one enfeebling effect you have from yourself and party members within area of effect.
scroll of Regen III
Scroll of Regen III
WHM Lv.66 / SCH Lv.59 / RUN Lv.70
Teaches the white magic Regen III.
Gradually restores target's HP.
scroll of Curaga IV
Scroll of Curaga IV
WHM Lv.71
Teaches the white magic Curaga IV.
Restores HP of all party members within area of effect.
coral fragment
Coral fragment
This fragment came from Bastore coral.