FFXIDB Tracking Data
151,713,533 Kills
680,586 Voidwatch Chests
84,094 Monster Spawns
7,267,914 Synthesis Results
As of the 19 February 2015 update.
271 Zones
8,887 NPCs
25,601 Items


June 09, 2013, 11:37

Due to technical anomalies surrounding Delve NMs there have been issues recording them in the past. These issues have been fixed, and a backlog has been parsed to add the missing kills since then. While this sounds like a lot of kill information at once, it has actually been accumulated ever since Delve was released, only it wasn't being presented correctly up until now.

Feel free to report any info on other incorrect or missing information in the Contact section.

March 31, 2013, 20:04

Added TH information to monster drop pages. This will be expanded over time in a more detailed analysis tab, but for now everything is displayed at once.

One thing to note at this point, is that the average will sometimes seem off. This is simply because we have one column we don't show: unknown TH. Whenever we can't (within a certain degree of accuracy) determine the correct TH level, we file it under unknown, instead of TH0, TH1, etc. Since that is not displayed (as it serves no practical value without in-depth analysis), the average can sometimes be higher than any of the previously listed TH values, such as with King Behemoth.

Additionally, since TH is assumed based on the jobs in the party, not on the actions they perform on the NPC, certain NPCs will have very weird drop distributions. This is especially noticeable in large scattered or decentralized events, such as Dom Ops, or FC parties, as can be seen here.

Finally, some combinations will be very rare. TH1 is rarely used. At higher levels, it's either THF/, with TH3+, or /THF with TH2 or neither with TH0. As a result, some drop distributions will look like this.

Here are a few more examples:
Ix'aern [DRG]
Odin [v2]
Tonberry Bedeviler
Almighty Apkallu

March 30, 2013, 03:14

Updated site data to the Seekers of Adoulin expansion. Information about kills in new areas should be displayed shortly.

Unfortunately, since the maps are brand new and no one actually mapped game coordinates to map coordinates in the new zones yet, it will take a while until the spawn maps are updated, as that involves some manual labor. However, spawn recording has already started, and the info will be displayed as soon as the map information has been updated.

March 10, 2013, 17:39

Added maps for monster spawns, which we've been recording for some time. If we have spawn data for any recorded NPC, a zoomable and draggable map will appear on that page, showing the currently recorded monster spawn locations.

It's pretty obvious that some data is not accurate. Why this is, is still up for debate, but some theories have already been proposed. Feel free to come on #ffxidb and tell us yours.

For some further information, see the about page.

A few sample pages:
River Crab in West Ronfaure
Pugil in East Ronfaure
Noble Mold in The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Sand Sweeper in Abyssea - Altepa