FFXIDB Tracking Data
145,832,871 Kills
680,585 Voidwatch Chests
81,358 Monster Spawns
7,266,995 Synthesis Results
As of the 19 February 2015 update.
271 Zones
8,887 NPCs
25,601 Items


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Anonymous posted:
http://www.ffxidb.com/zones/39/nightmare-fly <--- Internal server error :/
Luxnova@Valefor posted:
drops also Esuna Scroll
Seekerstar posted:
The windrower plugin is no longer showing position icons for party members, points if interest, or hostiles. If there's a way to fix this please let me know.
Voidstorm posted:
http://www.ffxidb.com/zones/5/jormungand 404 not found.
lighsovit posted:
http://www.ffxidb.com/zones/33/omhpemde Reports internal server error.
Kyosukerob posted:
There's an issue on Linen coin purses under drop rate for Salvage II MBs. Page: http://ffxidb.com/items/5736. Drop rate for MBs exceeds 100%. This leads one to conclude that each run assumed a single pop of MB per run (done by some widget either in the plug-in or when gathered and analyzed here) so when folks duplicated MB/linens it ruined the calculations. Also Salvage NQ ZB chariots have interesting Linen drop rates (comparatively and independently), I'm assuming it's due to them sharing names with NMs in Salvage II.
Anonymous posted:
http://ffxidb.com/zones/268/furious-arundmite reports internal server error
Anonymous posted:
Is data being collected (and can it be published) on the location where the NPCs are first engaged so that we can figure out the general area where they spawn? Either compass pendant coordinates or grid square data would be helpful. If the player is looking for particular level of NPC or a specific type of NPC (for example Polar Hares in Uleguerand Range.) It would save time to know approximately what part of the map to go to.
othman posted:
per character settings**
othman posted:
is it possible to make per app settings for the mini map? ty.