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Gi'bhe Fleshfeaster BGW Wikia

Zone: Dynamis - Buburimu

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 5902Vial of cagebeast blood 138 out of 1418 9.7% 6.2% 0.00% 6.5% 11.0%
Item 1455One byne bill 792 out of 1418 55.9% 31.7% 200.0% 63.0% 50.7%
Item 15074Cleric's cap 287 out of 1418 20.2% 11.2% 50.0% 15.2% 23.5%
Item 3497Forgotten step 64 out of 1418 4.5% 1.2% 50.0% 2.2% 5.6%
NPC Zone Spawns
No other NPCs with that name.

Spawns (1 total)

vial of cagebeast blood
Vial of cagebeast blood
A vial containing the blood of a captured beastman whose soul was removed.
one byne bill
One byne bill
This ancient Bastokan currency dates
back to C.E. 857. It commemorates the
opening of the ferry route between
Mhaura and Selbina. A musket and a
Galkan soldier are portrayed.
cleric's cap
Cleric's cap
[Head]All Races
DEF:24 MP+25 VIT+4 Enmity-4
Enhances "Resist Silence" effect
Lv.72 WHM
forgotten step
Forgotten step
A memory from an adventurer long since passed on, found drifting aimlessly in a wasteland of time?