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Mamool Ja Sophist BGW Wikia

Zone: Mamook

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 2331Blue mage's testimony 327 out of 1755 18.6% 11.2% 0% 29.2% 32.9%
Item 2225Mamook tanscale key 321 out of 1755 18.3% 13.2% 0% 29.2% 33.2%
Item 2227Mamool Ja collar 31 out of 1755 1.8% 1.7% 0% 0.00% 4.6%

Spawns (13 total)

blue mage's testimony
Blue mage's testimony
This papyrus scroll reads:
"The bearer of this document has
proven excellence in the ways of
the blue mage."
Mamook tanscale key
Mamook tanscale key
This key can be used in Mamook.
A tan scale is fitted on its head.
Mamool Ja collar
Mamool Ja collar
A luxurious standing collar once worn
by a Mamool Ja mage. Due to its odd
shape, only a Mamool Ja can wear it.