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Yagudo Piper BGW Wikia

Zone: West Sarutabaruta [S]

Item Count Average TH0 TH1 TH2 TH3+
Item 2558Block of Yagudo glue 197 out of 1340 14.7% 11.3% 17.6% 17.8% 22.7%
Item 5008Scroll of Blade Madrigal 79 out of 1340 5.9% 3.6% 5.9% 7.9% 10.8%
Item 5012Scroll of Dragonfoe Mambo 28 out of 1340 2.1% 1.6% 0.00% 0.99% 3.8%

Spawns (3 total)

block of Yagudo glue
Block of Yagudo glue
A fine grained glue mixed by the Yagudo, used in the repair of pottery.
scroll of Blade Madrigal
Scroll of Blade Madrigal
BRD Lv.51
Teaches the Blade Madrigal.
Enhances melee attack accuracy for party members within area of effect.
scroll of Dragonfoe Mambo
Scroll of Dragonfoe Mambo
BRD Lv.53
Teaches the Dragonfoe Mambo.
Enhances evasion for party members within area of effect.